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Killing Fields of Astagor

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The Killing Fields of Astagor was a battle between the Skulltakers Chaos Warband and the forces of the Tau on the planet Astagor.[1]


Though it is unknown which Warband bearing the name Skulltakers took part in the battle, it is clear the battle neared its end when the Chaos Space Marines unleashed dozens of Chaos Beasts upon the unsuspecting Tau defenders. The daemonic creatures charged heedlessly across the battlefield and easily shrugged off volley after volley of fire from the Tau; until they reached the fulcrum of the Tau's defensive line, a towering Riptide Battlesuit. Despite its size however, the Riptide was easily borne to the ground by the Chaos Beasts and then torn limb from limb in a wild frenzy of violence as they attempted to reach the Riptide's terrified pilot. With the Riptide's destruction any chance for victory for the Tau still fighting was now lost, as nothing cold stop the Skulltakers from slaughtering them and in the massacre that followed, few of their forces escaped the planet. Since their defeat on Astagor, the Tau's Earth Caste engineers have failed to produce any counter to the supernatural resilience of the Chaos Beasts unleashed on them that day.[1]