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Killzone: Death World Forest

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Killzone: Death World Forest set[1]

The Killzone: Death World Forest is a Supplement set for the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Second Edition (2018). In addition to the terrain and rules, the set is supplemented with a supplement booklet with a background about the Death Worlds of Imperium and beyond.[1]


Deadly, menacing and bizarre, forest deathworlds are attritional battle zones. When a soldier fights on one, they have to withstand not only the vicious artillery of the foe, but the horrifying cluster-vines, crystal shards and strange relics add an extra layer of unimaginable danger. Shardwrack spines form impenetrable barriers over the millennia, barbed venomgorse and grapple weed snake insidiously toward any living being, pumping them full of debilitating neurotoxin and eldritch ruins resonate with the psychic energies of their long-passed creators. Where there grows a deathworld forest, nothing is safe.[1]

The sourcebook

Killzone: Death World Forest (Sourcebook) cover

The Killzone: Death World Forest sourcebook contains detailed background about the subject.


  • Introduction
  • Death World Forests - background
  • Green Hells - history and background of Death Worlds with the Death World Forest terrains