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Killzone: Sector Fronteris Environment Expansion

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Killzone: Sector Fronteris Environment Expansion set[1]

Killzone: Sector Fronteris Environment Expansion is a Expansion set for the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Second Edition (2018). In addition to the terrain and rules, the set is supplemented with a supplement booklet with a background about the Sector Fronteris of Imperium.[1]


At the farthest reaches of space, the boundaries of the Imperium change almost daily as new worlds are discovered and settled and others fall to predations of aliens or rogue factions seeking freedom from of the crushing yoke of Imperial oppression. Open hostility is a common occurrence on such lawless worlds, yet with fewer resources to call upon, many such conflicts are resolved as guerrilla or shadow wars.[1]

The sourcebook

Killzone - Sector Fronteris (Sourcebook) cover

The Killzone - Sector Fronteris sourcebook contains detailed background about the subject.


  • Introduction
  • Sector Fronteris - background
  • Deadly Wilds - history and background of Sectors Fronteris through Imperium