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Killzone: Sector Sanctoris Environment Expansion

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Killzone: Sector Sanctoris Environment Expansion[1]

Killzone: Sector Sanctoris Environment Expansion is a Expansion set for the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Second Edition (2018). In addition to the terrain and rules, the set is supplemented with a supplement booklet with a background about the Sector Sanctoris of Imperium.[1]


In the storied history of the Imperium, heroes beyond counting have fallen in its defence, martyred in the name of Mankind. Statuary honouring the deeds of the Imperium's greatest heroes can be found on worlds throughout the galaxy, and many bear the scars of the battles fought in their shadow.[1]

The sourcebook

Killzone - Sector Sanctoris (Sourcebook) cover

The Killzone - Sector Sanctoris sourcebook contains detailed background about the subject.


  • Introduction
  • Sector Sanctoris - background
  • Ruins of Glory - history and background of Sectors Sanctoris' through Imperium