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Kindred (Leagues of Votann)

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Kindred are a social unit of the Leagues of Votann.[1]


These are groupings somewhere between extended families and close-knit nations, and vary in size from a few dozen up to many thousands or even millions. All Kin in a Kindred have sprung from its Crucible, and thus share a genetic bond stronger than any other allegiance. They usually live, train, and toil within their Kindred's Hold when not abroad in the stars for trade, prospecting, or war. The familial bond of the Kindred remains with their Kin and Ironkin whether they live in a hold or roam the stars as warriors and prospectors. There is a shared understanding between members of a Kindred that goes deeper than words, a commonality of thought and action that binds their armies and appears to outsiders as low-level telepathy.[1] The vast majority of Kindreds in turn answer to a greater League, and typically a League is made up of at least six to twenty Kindreds.[1c]

Every Kindred governs itself from a huge spherical chamber known as the Spakerönde. Here, the Hearthspake gathers.[1] In war, the highest body of a Kindred is a Votannic Council which oversees its armies of Hearthkyn, Einhyr Hearthguard, and specialist officers.[1b]

Every Kindred has its own name chosen when it was founded. Some are named for the Ancestor credited with their establishment, while others are named after a defining feature of their Hold world. Others have oddly basic names, or names that denote their defining nature.[1]

Other than its people, the heart of every Kindred is its Four Pillars. The first is its Hearth, the second its Forge, the third its Fane, the fourth its Crucible.[1]

Known Kindred