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The Kinebrach were an obscure xenos species.[2a]


The Kinebrach were hefty, simian aliens with sunken eyes and big brow ridges. Their mouth and nose were one organ, and their mouths were filled with many small teeth. The skin of the Kinebrach was blue-black in color with thrums of russet hair resembling feathers. Kinebrach had angular, heavy craniums, and a strange and distinctive smell.[2a]


Xenoarchaeological research indicates that, of the multiple Xenos species that occupied the Fortress Worlds in the Segmentum Pacificus, prior to the Imperium, the Kinebrach occupied them for the longest period (ca. M15-M31).[1]

By the time the Kinebrach encountered the human civilization of Interex their civilization was fading. After a relatively short period of war with the Interex, lasting about a hundred years, the Kinebrach were completely defeated. The Interex didn't annihilate the aliens but instead invited them to join their empire. The Kinebrach agreed to join the progressive and vigorous human civilization as a client state. Becoming junior partners of a new society, the Kinebrach shared their advanced technologies with the Interex. At the time of the Great Crusade (M31), the Kinebrach were a part of the Interex civilization.[2a] One of the pieces of technology unique to their species was the anathames, primitive close combat weapons which the Interex claimed were semi-sentient and capable of recognizing a particular target.[2b]

The species' Spiteforging technology is currently being studied by the Imperial Forge World, Stygies VIII.[3]

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