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The Kinhosts are military forces that serve within each of the Leagues of Votann's Strongholds.[1]


Built at the Kindred level, a Kinhost is built around what Kin call "soldiers of the line", the most prevalent of which are Hearthkyn. Each Kindreds forge prioritizes arming and equipping their Kinhost soldiery above all else save perhaps the essential duties of Hold maintenance and ship construction. Despite Hearthkyn technically being militia, they are not treated as expendable and often are supported by large numbers of medics. Strong bonds of loyalty bind the individuals of each Hearthkyn squad together and ensure comradeship of one squad to the next, meshing the Kinhost formations beneath the trusted leadership of their heroic leaders. Above these forces are the elite Einhyr and leadership that consists of Theyns and Kahls.[1]

When a Kinhost mobilizes for a great war that threatens the existence of a Kindred or its Hold, it is commanded by its Kindred's Votannic Council. For smaller conflicts, it is normally led by smaller gatherings of heroes such as Kahls, Brokhyr Iron-Masters, or Living Ancestors. These in turn are supported by vehicles and voidcraft as well as Kin from other organizations such as Hernkyn and Cthonians. These are grouped together in smaller formations dubbed Oathbands.[1]