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The Kith were a Chaos cult devoted to Khorne, under the leadership of Magister Sholen Skara, encountered by the Imperial forces during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[1]

In the words of Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt, "[Skara] worships death. He believes it to be the ultimate expression of the Chaotic will.... He kills to serve Chaos. Any death serves him."[1] Imperial Tactician Antonid Biota, in his history of the Crusade, noted that, although vicious in combat, the Kith displayed none of the organization and battlefield discipline that made the Blood Pact such an effective fighting force.[2d]

After being routed by the Imperial victory at the Battle of Balhaut, Skara and his cult escaped that planet and took refuge on Sapiencia, where they occupied the primary settlement, Oskray Island, and slaughtered the entire population of the manufactory cities.[1]

The Kith were destroyed by a chance occurrence during the Imperial effort to retake Sapiencia. Although the planned amphibious landing went badly wrong, a small force of Guardsmen, led by Tanith First Trooper Dermon Caffran, infiltrated the manufactory complex and collapsed the tower they were escaping from with explosives. This was an act of desperation, to delay the Kith patrol pursuing them, but the explosion tricked Skara into believing that his stronghold had fallen. True to their philosophy, Skara gave the order for all his troops to kill themselves, which was duly carried out, though Skara was captured alive.[1]

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