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Also known as the Mighty Mangler of Bork, Klawjaw is an infamous Ork Warlord who created the Ork Empire of Bork and still leads his Waaagh! Bork through the Galaxy.


Early Years

Klawjaw was once known simply as Kog, a primitive thug living on the Ork-held side of the planet, known to them as Bork. In time he grew in size and strength and many predicted him to become the leader of his tribe, however that was to become a serious underestimation. Once while hunting he ate a mutated Squig and passed out. When he awoke he was a very different Ork. When he came back to his tribe he was clad in rusted metal and towered over the biggest Orks in tribe. The first Ork to ask if this was Kog got his head smashed and his arms bitten off. The newcomer called himself Klawjaw. Before long he united the neighbouring tribes and in time all Orks of Bork were bound together in awe for his brutality.[2a]

War for Bhorc Prime

Main article: War for Bhorc Prime

Klawjaw began his conquests with putting his home world to Ork control. In a long and bloody campaign he fought united forces of Imperium, including Imperial Guard, Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Howling Griffons and Blood Angels. In the end he crushed all of them and succeeded in destroying planet's capital, Furnicehive and bringing the whole planet to his control.[2b]

Waaagh! Bork

After his initial sucess Klawjaw began his Waaagh! against the Imperium. He was named a Mighty Mangler of Bork by Orks for his many victories on worlds that formed his new domain, Ork Empire of Bork. Opposing Imperial armies sent to intercept found out that the Mighty Mangler lives up to his name. At the head of a vast brigade of heavily armoured Battlewagons he conquered a large portion of the Ghoul Stars and claimed a great area of galactic fringe.[1]

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