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Klorian Saiche

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Klorian Saiche[1]

Klorian Saiche, the Forgotten Warrior of House Trainor, is a Freeblade Knight Paladin. Though not by the choice of Saiche or his Knight House, House Trainor.[1]


His path of becoming a Freeblade began, when the Imperium Mining World Betalis III was invaded by the Eldar and House Trainor was among the Imperial forces who aided in its defense. Saiche was among its Knights to take part in the battle, but he later survived an ambush by Eldar Aspect Warriors, that virtually wiped out his phalanx and left Saiche's own Knight battered and broken. He would spend weeks in Betalis III's icy wilderness making repairs, before Saiche managed to limp back to the Imperial lines. By then the war had ended and many of the troop ships had already left for new war zones, leaving Saiche and his battered Knight suit behind. Though House Trainor was suspicious of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Saiche sought assistance from its artisans and Techpriests that still remained on Betalis III, who were able to repair his Knight suit. Once the repairs were complete, Saiche sought passage with the Mechanicus to a new war zone, where he would fight alongside their forces until he could make his way back to House Trainor's Homeworld Mancora. The price was costly, however, as Saiche had to give the servants of the Adeptus Mechanicus unfettered access to his Knight armor's high technology.[1]


Klorian Saiche was created by the Games Workshop employee Dan Harden. The Freeblade was featured in White Dwarf 5 (2014)[1] and Warhammer: Visions 3, where he was named only as the Forgotten Warrior.[2]