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Klovis the Redeemer

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the character; for the graphic novel, see The Redeemer (Graphic Novel).
Klovis the Redeemer[3]

Klovis the Redeemer (often refereed to simply as "The Redeemer") is a particularly fanatical and homicidal Redemptionist from the Hive World of Necromunda.[1]


Klovis is a noble of House Cawdor, based in Hive Primus. He has led a band of zealous followers throughout the Underhive and out into the Ash Wastes with the aim of spreading his beliefs among the area's outcast inhabitants.[1]

Among his band are faithful Deacon Malakev, who carries a book of tortures called the Liber Excruciatus, and Brude a cowardly Ratskin.[1]

The Redeemer wears a flaming crown and fights with an eviscerator that he calls the "Sword of Persecution". He travels around in a vehicle known as the Pulpitek - an armoured car equipped with auto-cannons.[1]

The Redeemer and his band battle various foes including Ratskins, Scavvies, Plague Zombies and other Underhive scum in a revolution against the nobles of the Spire.[1]