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Knight Crusader

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Knight Crusader

The Knight Crusader is a class of Imperial Knight.


Carrying more firepower than a tank squadron, the Imperial Knight Crusader strides into battle with the confidence two main guns will give you. Capable of smashing holes in even the hardiest defence line, the Knight Crusader offers support to its close-range brethren, standing further back and unleashing scathing torrents of firepower to obliterate threats and terrify the enemy.[1] Thus the priority for the nobles who pilot these Knights is to find wide open fields of fire, giving little concern to their own shelter and trusting in their adamantine armouring and Ion Shields to protect them. This focus on long-range combat also means it's only method of self-defense against close range enemies are its ball-mounted Heavy Stubber located in the chest and its own crushing feet.[2b]

The Knight Crusader's significant armament consists of two arm-mounted weapons, one of which is an Avenger Gatling Cannon. For those nobles who focus on long-range fire support, the other arm will carry a rapid-fire Battle Cannon with co-axially mounted heavy stubber. If dedicated to close-range combat, the Knight Crusader will instead carry a Thermal Cannon with co-axially mounted Heavy Flamer. Some Knight Crusaders will also carry an additional weapon on the back of their carapace, whether an Ironstorm Missile Pod, twin Icarus Autocannons, or a Stormspear Rocket Pod, and some may replace the chest-mounted heavy stubber with a Meltagun.[2b]

Notable Knight Crusaders



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