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Knight Household Guard

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Chaos Knight Household Guards[5]

Knight Household Guards[1a], or also known as Militias[2b], are the warrior troops of Knight Houses and Chaos Knight Houses.[3a][3b]


Raised from a Knight World's population[1a] or from allied Forge Worlds[2a][4], Household Guards aid in defending their Knight Houses' Homeworlds[1a][2a] and can also accompany them into battle. Some Knight Houses are capable of fielding large numbers of Household Guard formations, which go by various names[3a][3b]. High Kings[4] and Barons[1b] can have their own personal Household Guard, which can result in their warriors having different uniforms and weaponry, than those who serve the entire Knight House.[1b][4]

Imperial Knight Household Guard

Name Formation Allegiance Source
Genebound Birth House Khord [3a]
Joviann Watchmen Vigil House Barragon [3a]
Netsmen Squadron House Hasburg [3a]
Palatial Guard Cohort House Callivant [3a]
Sacristan Guard High King Bryce of House Griffith [4]
Yeomen Following House Hawkshroud [3a]

Chaos Knight Household Guard

Name Formation Allegiance Source
Immortals Battalion House Mandrakor [3b]
Indentured Militia Chain House Khomentis [3b]
Iron Guard Regiment House Khymere [3b]
Night Watchmen Phalanx House Black [3b]
Wyrm-guard Fang House Lucaris [3b]

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