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Knight Moirax

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A Knight Moirax

The Knight Moirax is a type of smaller Armiger-class Imperial Knight.[1]


Fitted with a potent reactor core capable of powering the most destructive weaponry available to its class, the Knight Moirax was a formidable suit. However, its energy core was notorious for instability, and so the Moirax chassis was seen to be an unseemly instrument seeing and saw minimum use in the Great Crusade before the Horus Heresy.[2]

Its weaponry included a Graviton pulsar, Moirax Conversion Beam cannon, Lightning Lock, Rad cleanser, Volkite Veuglaire and a Moirax siege claw. For protection it used an Ionic Flare Field, which differed from the standard Ion Shield in its radius but at the cost of protection. It could also be equipped with an experimental Construct Shield[1]