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Knight Preceptor

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Type of Knight; for the Cruiser, see Preceptor.
The Knight Preceptor Canis Rex

Knight Preceptors are a class of Imperial Knight.[1]


A Questoris Pattern Knight, the Preceptor is intended to personify the chivalric code in battle, closing with an enemy to an honorable range then engaging them with sufficient force to show respect while killing them quickly and cleanly. To this end, the Knight preceptor is armed with a Reaper Chainsword or Thunderstrike Gauntlet on one arm and the rare Las-Impulsor on the other. These weapons are best wielded at such close quarters that a Noble can look their enemy in the eye even as they slay them.[1]

Knight Preceptors are often piloted by the arms-masters or precepts of the Noble houses. Most are grizzled veterans with decades of experience, setting an example for the followers of the rest of the House. When not in battle, they are charged with training young squires to pilot Knights in the future as well as strengthen their mental fortitude for the Ritual of Becoming. It also falls to the arms-masters to recruit, train and mentally prepare the Bondsmen who pilot Armiger Class Knights, the better to ensure that stable neural links are maintained and no act of dishonorable insubordination occurs. As part of these duties, Knights Preceptor often take to the battlefield with one or more pairs of Knight Helverins or Knight Warglaives at their side. Some precepts form such strong neural choirs with their Bondsmen that they become permanent fighting units, acting as one with near-perfect synchronicity. Yet even those Armiger pilots who only serve for a short while under a precept are inevitably inspired by their feats of heroism, finding it easier to see the honour in their duty and submit willingly to the neural imperatives of their betters.[1]

Famous Knights Preceptor


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