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Knights of Lupus

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This page contains spoilers for: Luther: First of the Fallen (Novel)

The Knights of Lupus was a corrupted Knightly organization that dwelled on ancient Caliban.[1]


They were led by Lord Sartana when the Knights refused to join The Order's campaign to finally destroy the Great Beasts that haunted their world. Those who did, were absorbed into The Order and the Knights claimed The Order's lord, Lion El'Jonson, truly demanded their fealty. The Knights swore they would never join the organization and this caused El'Jonson to lead The Order against them. In the battle that followed, the Knights of Lupus' true reason for refusing to join El'Jonson's campaign was revealed, when they unleashed tamed Great Beasts against The Order. The Knights had in fact secretly made an alliance with the spirit of Caliban, in order to survive the Great Beasts' frequent attacks. They believed they could control the spirit, however, like so many other groups had before them, the Knights became corrupted and began worshiping Chaos. Though, their knowledge was limited, it was enough to allow the Knights to learn how to tame the Great Beasts, and then how to further weaponize the Beasts' bodies. Even with numerous Great Beasts under their command, however, the Knights of Lupus were destroyed by The Order, in a costly series of battles. El'Jonson's second-in-command Luther, later commented, that their use of the Great Beasts proved the Knights were corrupted and The Order became justified in destroying them. However, he went on to say, that if the Knights of Lupus had learned how to summon forth Daemons, they would have gone on to rule Caliban instead of The Order.[1]

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