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Known Formations of the Emperor's Children

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The following is a list of known formations belonging to the Emperor's Children.

Great Crusade and Heresy

Name Category Type Notes Source(s)
Agnomen Vehicle Hunter Tank [1a]
Asceton Infantry Heavy Support Squad [2a]
Beivolchus Infantry Tactical Squad [2b]


Name Category Type Notes Source(s)
Chosen of Lucius Infantry Chosen [4b]
Flickering Blades Warband [3]
Kyros Vehicle Squadron Bike Squadron [4c]
Merros Infantry Noise Marines [4a]
Sensorians Warband [5a]
Silken Death Warband [5b]
Thirsting Brethren Warband [5c]
Trebu Infantry [4d]
Trosan Infantry Noise Marines [4e]
Ripping Nails Warband [5c]
Xanthus Vehicle Squadron Predators [4f]
Xenris Infantry [13]