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Kolja Ravenblade

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This page contains spoilers for: Runes (Short Story)

Kolja Ravenblade was a Rune Priest of the Space Wolves Chapter.[1]


Ravenblade once led a task force to the planetoid Gath Rimmon in the Iopheas Secundus System, guided by a psychic vision, alongside the Wolf Guard Baldr Svelok and the Grey Hunters Lokjr and Varek.[1]

Fighting against the native lifeforms and floods of acid rain across the surface of Gath Rimmon, the Space Wolves found a Logis of the Adeptus Mechanicus named Alsmo Charis, who had located a hidden archeotech vault hidden beneath the planetoid's surface that had been uncovered by a rare alignment of Gath Rimmon and its moon. Ravenblade believed that the contents of the vault were the subject of his vision and so the Space Wolves escorted Charis to a hidden valley.[1]

There, Charis revealed that he had already discovered the vault over 5,000 years ago and had hidden a Dark Eldar artefact known as the Ayex Commorragh there. The Logis then attacked the Space Wolves to eliminate any witnesses to his study of xenotech, killing Lokjr and Varek. Ravenblade was able to call forth the acid rain storms of Gath Rimmon to flood the vault, destroying the Ayex Commorragh and wounding Charis. Svelok killed Charis and rescued Ravenblade from the rising acid, but the wounds that the Rune Priest sustained in the fight proved too great and he died.[1]

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