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Konig Armoured Regiments

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Basic Data
- Konig Armoured Regiments -
Homeworld: Konig
Regiment Name: Konig Armoured Regiments
Specialities: Armoured Warfare

The Konig Armoured Regiments are the Imperial Guard Regiments from the world of Konig.

Notable Regiments

9th Konig Armoured Regiment

The 9th Konig is known to contain at least one Baneblade, and possibly as many as up to three. The second vehicle of the company is commanded by Maximillian Weisemann and is named Arethusa; It was attached to the Mortant 7th Regiment's second company during the Colonia Campaign and was made famous in this campaign.[1a] The Regiment also contains Salamander Command vehicles in its rows.[1c]

27th Armoured Regiment

The Konig 27th contains at least one Leman Russ Conqueror and fought as the Caleb Reclamation Force.[1b] It also contains Basilisks[1d], Earthshaker (Platform)s, Manticore (Platform)s[1e] and Centaurs[2]

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