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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the planet in the Realm of Ultramar; for the individual, see Konor Guilliman.
Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Konor Konor.png
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Ultima Sector[7]
Subsector: Ultramar
System: Konor System[5]
Population: 4.89 billion [6]
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Forge World[5]
Tithe Grade: *CLASSIFIED*[6]

Konor is an Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World in the Realm of Ultramar.[5] It is currently one of four "ruling" planets overseeing a sector of the realm, and administered by a Tetrarch of Ultramar.[4]


The planet was presumably named after the adopted father of Roboute Guilliman, Konor Guilliman. Originally a quasi-Forge World, at the time of the Great Crusade Konor was one of the key worlds of Ultramar alongside places like Macragge, Armatura, Iax, and Calth. Alongside Calth, Konor was the primary shipbuilder of Ultramar, and such was its importance that one of the four Tetrarchs of Ultramar was from the planet. However, while its moon of Gantz was a fully-fledged Forge World, Konor was not granted such honour, the distinction mainly due to politics as Mars saw the planet as subservient to Ultramar and not the Mechanicum. As a result of this, tensions arose between the Tech-Priest factions of Konor and, during the Battle of Calth, some questioned if they should side with Warmaster Horus. This led to a long delay in reinforcements from Konor to aid the Ultramarines battling the Word Bearers. However, in the end, Konor remained true to Guilliman and sent reinforcements.[3]

Konor was reclassified as a full Forge World after the Heresy, but at some point was degraded to a mere Research Station.[3] Following the rebirth of Guilliman and the reorganization of the Realm of Ultramar, Konor was made the headquarters of the northern reaches. It is overseen by Tetrarch Severus Agemman.[4]

As of 992.M41, Konor provided 53.94% of the promethium fuel for the Konor System.[6]

By the time of the Plague Wars, Konor seems to have formally regained its classification as a Forge World. Due to this conflict, the Konor System was invaded by the Death Guard during the Invasion of Konor, where Mortarion intended to use the system as a staging ground in an effort to break through to the Capital of Ultramar. Konor held, however, and the invaders were repulsed due to determined resistance by its inhabitants as well as reinforcements brought by Guilliman himself.[5]

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