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Konor Guilliman

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the individual; for the Planet in the Realm of Ultramar, see Konor.

Konor Guilliman[3] was one of the two Consuls of Macragge before the Great Crusade, and the adoptive father of Roboute Guilliman.[1]


A man of great energy and charisma, Konor became a notable military leader in his youth, pacifying Macragge's largest continent before he was twenty-five years old.[2] Although he was a member of the nobility, Konor championed the cause of the common people. Many of the landed nobility resented Konor's laws and administrative reforms, as they were used to enjoying the wealth from their estates, worked by vast armies of slaves.[1]

When the infant primarch's capsule fell to earth on Macragge, it was discovered by a group of noblemen hunting in the forest. He was taken back to Konor, who adopted the infant as his son and named him Roboute.[1] Roboute's arrival on Macragge was a portentous time, and many reported strange sights. Most notably, Konor dreamed of the Emperor, and found himself beside Hera's Falls in the Valley of Laponis. Upon awakening, Konor assembled his bodyguard and rode to Hera's Falls, where they found the child. The name Konor gave the child, Roboute, means "Great One".[1]

Konor's teachings were to have a great influence on Roboute, who later, as sole Consul, succeeded in reforming Macragge's entire social structure into a meritocracy based on everyone working for the common good. Because of Roboute's prodigious talents as a military leader, Konor gave him command of an army sent to pacify the wild inhabitants of Illyrium. Guilliman fought a brilliant campaign, but returned to find the capital city in chaos, and his father dying slowly from a wound. He had been struck down by an assassin hired by his rival consul, Gallan, who had led the discontented nobility in a revolt. With his dying breath, Konor told his son who was responsible. Guilliman swiftly crushed the rebellion and assumed the title of sole Consul of Macragge. He set about punishing the treachery and carrying out his father's vision. Gallan and his co-conspirators were executed, and their lands and wealth were redistributed to the people. After several years, Macragge emerged as the prosperous and egalitarian society Konor had envisioned.[1]

A statue of Konor, under his title First Battle King of Macragge stands in the Hall of Heroes in the Fortress of Hera, alongside illustrious members of the Adeptus Astartes.[2]