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Koro was a Captain in the Imperial Fists Legion who commanded the communication fortress on Pluto's moon Hydra; when the Alpha Legion attacked the Sol System, during the later years of the Horus Heresy. Though Koro had instigated a lockdown of the fortress when he heard of the attack, it had already been infiltrated by an advance Alpha Legion strike force, led by the Primarch Alpharius himself. The Primarch quickly stormed the fortress' command center, where his strike force killed all those inside, with Koro personally dying at Alpharius' hands. With the command center under their control, Alpharius' strike force quickly disabled its communications sensor arrays[1b]; which disrupted the Imperium's ability to communicate and coordinate with its forces in the outer layer of the Sol System[1a], as they fought the Alpha Legion. Its capture also prevented the Imperium from learning that Alpharius, was taking part in his Legion's attack.[1b]