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Kossolax the Foresworn is a notorious Chaos Lord of the World Eaters. He leads a warband known as The Foresworn, a sizeable force of Khorne Berzerkers.[1][2][4] By M42, he had become powerful enough to appoint himself lord regent of the entire World Eaters Legion.[6]


Kossolax was originally Sergeant of the World Eater's 3rd Assault Company known as Solax. He had been trained on Bodt, took part in the Ghenna Massacre, and then betrayed his brothers at Isstvan III. An unremarkable officer who never rose particularly high, Solax survived the Heresy all the way to the Siege of Terra.[6d][6b] There, his Rhino transporter Barbarus was documented by the Imperium; this sighting later allowed the Imperials to identify Solax as "Kossolax".[1] Neither Solax nor the rest of his company came near the Imperial Throneroom during the battle on Terra, as their strength was broken by the Imperial Fists and Blood Angels during the early siege.[6c]

However, following Angron's defeat to Sanguinius and the death of Horus, the traitor invasion of Terra broke. Solax and his comrades escaped from Terra, but they were relentlessly pursued by the loyalists. It was then that Solax's Captain, Shâhka, took the Conqueror and fled, leaving most of the 3rd Assault Company behind to die on another ship. Solax led his brothers in a desperate retreat and never forgave Shâhka for the betrayal.[6e]

After Shâhka's desertion, Solax emerged as Acting-Captain of the 3rd Company and commander of the Furious Aggression. After discovering the world Skalathrax, Solax opposed the Devourer Goghur's desire to attack the Emperor's Children, warning that he would lead the 3rd Company from the system at the first sign of aggression by Goghur.[7a] Solax was later part of Khârn's deputation that met with the Emperor's Children; however, the meeting devolved into slaughter when Khârn inspired Captain Dreagher to open fire.[7b] Solax's misgivings over an attack on Skalathrax were ultimately proven correct, as the Battle of Skalathrax broke the World Eaters Legion.[6e][7a][8] From then on, he held a low opinion of both Khârn as well as Angron for destroying the World Eaters' unity during the Heresy and at Skalathrax.[6d][6e]

Eventually, he became a powerful Chaos Lord in his own right thought like Abaddon believed himself able to resist madness and full corruption by Chaos. He took the name "Kossolax the Foresworn", killing anyone who kept using the name "Solax".[6d] Distrusting the sanity and ambition of most of his gene-brothers, Kossolax began to recruit and breed human mutants as followers; these became his guards, bondsmen, and technicians. Though he continued to employ some World Eaters as advisors, he largely relied on the mortal mutants to manage his resources and logistics.[6e][6f]

The First War for Armageddon

In 444.M41, Kossolax joined Angron in the First War for Armageddon. At that time, Kossolax's veteran warriors had already proven themselves in eight campaigns against the Imperium of Man.[4]

Though the forces of Khorne overwhelmed the planet and caused a bloodbath, their hold was ultimately broken. Angron and his Daemonic minions were banished and the warriors of Khorne repelled. During their withdrawal a part of the Foresworn warband was left back on Armageddon.[4] However, Kossolax was able to capture the Conqueror after the First War for Armageddon, allowing him to further expand his warband and power.[6d]

The 13th Black Crusade

After the destruction of Cadia, Kossolax led the Conqueror at the head of a large Chaos fleet that included World Eaters, Night Lords, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, and Black Legion to attack Agripinaa.[5] This operation was part of the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler. Kossolax's forces landed on Agripinaa, where they were confronted by the Blood Angels led by the Sanguinary High Priest Numitor. In order to turn the tide of the battle, he ordered his berzerkers to fall upon their allied cultist hordes. The massacre that ensued was enough to summon a mighty Bloodthirster who dealt heavy losses to the Blood Angels and their Death Company. Although they managed to overcome the daemon and drive the World Eaters from the planet, Kossolax was not slain. Seeking vengeance, Numitor vowed that he would hunt him down, no matter the cost.[3]

Era Indomitus

Following the destruction of Cadia, Kossolax's power grew even greater as massive numbers of World Eaters and other assorted traitors joined his forces. Declaring himself the Lord Regent of his former Legion, he led his growing force to plunder the Imperium Nihilus instead of supporting Abaddon's continued attacks on Terra. Eventually, he launched an invasion of the heavily defended Imperial world Kalkin's Tribune.[6d] As this battle still raged, Kossolax's grand ambitions were seemingly thwarted when Angron himself manifested aboard the Conqueror and the vessel's combative Machine Spirit that had once been Lotara Sarrin pledged itself to the Daemon Primarch.[6a] Similarily, most World Eaters of Kossolax's fleet instinctively devoted themselves to Angron or went insane. Initially driven to rage and despair, Kossolax instead began to see the bestial Primarch as an opportunity to fully place the World Eaters under his command. Showing little interest in leadership, Angron instead would dwell in the bowels of the Conqueror until unleashed to murder a world. Kossolax used the Primarch's return to greatly swell his numbers, attracting more followers by posing as Angron's herald and spokesman.[6b]

However, with the Conqueror still under Angron's loose control due to its Machine Spirit, the vessel was drawn towards a Grey Knights trap on Hydaes as The Foresworn led a massive invasion. During the battle the Grey Knights set off a psychic beacon the decimated the planet and much of Kossolax's army, though the Chaos Lord himself and several of his lieutenants escaped back aboard the Conqueror with teleportation.[6c]


Kossolax is referred to as Kosolax in Codex: Eye of Terror (3rd Edition).[2]

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