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Koyn Jankus

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Koyn Jankus is an Alpha Legion Chaos Lord who was inducted into the Legion sometime in M41. However, the Alpha Legion Warband he joined nearly succeed in killing him, after many of his so called brothers grew jealous or afraid of his early success; which allowed Jankus to grow powerful beyond his years. After repeated attempts to end his life, Jankus finally snapped and turned upon his warband and in the aftermath many of his former brethren were killed by his hand. Soon afterwards he formed his own warband, but kept himself as the only Alpha Legion member in it. Jankus' hubris though, led him to the worship of the Chaos Gods and not long after that, he became a powerful Chaos Lord; whose goal now is the corruption and eventual destruction of the Imperium. To achieve his goals Jankus has put various plans into motion, but recently one of these plans has interfered with one conducted by the Alpha Legion member, Kormus Hexlo. Though he commands a warband, Jankus is still the only Alpha Legion member within it and as such, the rules within their Legion state, his conflict with the lone operative Hexlo would be decided in a Shadow War. After communicating with each other, it was decided that the Shadow War would take the form of a battle, on Eskabar, between the forces they command; with the only rule being, they could not take part in the battle themselves. As the battle begins Jankus hopes to end it quickly, so that he may continue to plot the downfall of the Imperium.[1]