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Krage was once an Inquisitor of merciless repute who wielded both a mighty mind and psychic ability — until he was captured by Abaddon the Despoiler.[1]

The Inquisitor suffered a long and painful interrogation at Abaddon's hands, before the Despoiler implanted the Butcher's Nails within Krage's skull and finally released him. The Butcher's Nails immediately wracked the Inquisitor with relentless agony, while also raising his aggression to near apoplectic levels; all of which crushed Krage's mind and prevented him from using his psychic ability. Only by spilling blood, he learned, could he gain any respite and the Inquisitor eventually embraced Khorne and later became the Arch Deacon of the Blooded Hand Chaos Cult. However, only a Space Marine's body is capable of withstanding the negative effects of the Butcher's Nails and it is doubtless that Krage will survive for much longer, bearing a dark miracle. In fact, it was in search of such a miracle that recently caused Krage to lead his Cult in successfully summoning the Bloodthirster Skarbrand from the Warp. He knows that by aiding the Greater Daemon in spreading its infectious rage, a new age of unending violence will begin, that will save his life by finally ending the constant torment the Butcher's Nails is causing him. Krage is now fighting beside Skarbrand, with the Blooded Hand, as the Daemon rampages across a Sector of space intent on drowning it in blood. However, an Imperium strike force, led by the Grey Knights Captain Astura, has recently arrived to stop Skarbrand from permanently dragging the embattled Sector into Khorne's hands.[1]

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