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Kraken's Egg

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The Kraken's Egg is an enormous expanse of tough, chitin-like hide that hangs in the Trophy Hall of The Fang, the Fortress-Monastery of the Space Wolves Chapter. Its origins are obscure though some say it is indeed a portion of an enormous egg, hatched by one of the Kraken that inhabit Fenris's oceans. Whether this is true or not, the sheer dimensions of the "Egg" give some credence to the legend that Leman Russ caught the Father of the Kraken while he was out fishing one day, and threw it back, since which time it has grown massive enough to encircle the entire planet with its tentacles. Even if this legend is apocryphal, the Egg makes it more plausible that Kraken can grow to this gargantuan size.[1]

Members of the Magos Biologis have examined the Egg and say it is Tyranid in origin, proving that the Hive Fleets have visited the Galaxy much earlier than the Imperium's first "official" contact with the species in M41.[2]

In early 999.M41, the Kraken's Egg split open and disgorged a slithering swarm of tentacled creatures. Alerted to the acrid stench by his Fenrisian Wolves, the Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf led Canis Wolfborn and a Warband of his Battle Brothers into the Trophy Hall and bore witness to the creatures that had emerged from the Egg. With Deathwolf leading the charge, the Space Wolves messily butchered the foul things in the Trophy Hall's galleries, which had become covered in slime by the creatures' birth. After a hard fought battle, the creatures lay dead and each of the Space Wolves that had fought them, bore circular scars from the creatures' tentacles.[3]

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