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Krandor Rebellion

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The Krandor Rebellion refers to two separate events in M41 in the Imperial Krandor System, a system in Segmentum Obscurus rich in minerals.[1]

First Krandor Rebellion

Taking place in 795.M41 throughout the Krandor system, uprisings against Imperial authority erupt spontaneously. They are thought to be orchestrated by a number of rebel groups that had not been seen since the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion such as the Followers of the Shining Deity, Cult of Many Tentacles, and the Red Robed Brotherhood. The Cadian 23rd Regiment brutally puts down the uprising, with both military and civilian casualties high.[1]

Second Krandor Rebellion

A second rebellion in the Krandor System took place in 853.M41, this time centered on the world of Krandor III[1]. This time the uprising is caused by the Alpha Legion, who whipped up[2] Krandor's Chaos Cults into action, which caused them organize Mutants, Psykers, and other rogue outcasts of the world against their Imperial oppressors. As the Chaos forces scour the surface of Krandor III[1], the Alpha Legion[2] entered orbit and captured Krandor's orbital and moon-based defense stations[1]. A combined force of the Imperial Fists, Fire Lords and Revilers are dispatched to deal with the threat, but find the world is beyond redemption[2]. Acting quickly the Imperial Fists lead the other Chapters in evacuating key artifacts and Administratum personnel from Krandor III, before they enact an Exterminatus upon it.[1]

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