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Kaptin KrashKrooz was an Ork Freebooter captain and Warboss of the Blood Axes. He led a large Ork pirate fleet which became involved in the 12th Black Crusade.[1]


By the 12th Black Crusade, KrashKrooz was active in the Gothic Sector and used the Space Hulk Kolossus as his base. He took advantage of the Chaos invasion to ambush and raid Imperial convoys. Unlike most local Ork pirates, however, he operated with a crude strategy and only attacked targets away from his base which he hid in an asteroid field in the sector's Allas Novae region. Thus, he avoided retaliation and gradually expanded his forces until most Orks in the Gothic Sector were loyal to him.[1]

Ultimately, however, the Imperials could no longer tolerate the constant Ork attacks, resulting in Admiral Cornelius von Ravensburg tasking Admiral Spire to locate and destroy the Orks' main base. Spire successfully lured KrashKrooz into attacking a fake convoy, and extracted data which allowed the Imperium to get a rough estimate of KrashKrooz's territory. Spire then provoked KrashKrooz into a battle during which the Imperials placed a beacon on his kroozer, finally allowing them to find the Kolossus.[1]

When the Imperial Navy attacked the Space Hulk around 146.M41, KrashKrooz was unperturbed, believing that he could defeat them with the Kolossus' extreme firepower. However, the battle did not go his way, whereupon he decided to unleash his secret weapon: an ancient Exterminatus-grade cyclonic torpedo. Instead of destroying the Imperial fleet, however, the weapon malfunctioned and destroyed the Kolossus, including KrashKrooz. His death caused his large fleet to break apart and scatter, allowing the Imperials to greatly reduce Ork raids in the Gothic Sector.[1]