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Kregory Hastor

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Kregory Hastor is a Cardinal within the Calixis Sector.[1]

A major player within the Sector and rival to Ignato, Kregory is a massive corpulent man made rich by the coin of pilgrims and full of self-importance. His dioeces includes the highest proportion of Shrine Worlds in the Sector, including the sacred world of Maccabeus Quintus. He sees Scintilla and his rival Ignato as corrupt and degenerate who use their noble familities to manipulate the Calixian people. To this end, he has spent decades undermining Ignato and slowly siphoning off Ministorum resources to himself. He has carefully fanned the flames of discord on Maccabeus to keep things tense between the cult and Synod, while being sure not to spark a war that would threaten his own power. However, he is not without his own weaknesses, particularly due to the situation on Protasia.[1]

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