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Krieg 22nd Armoured

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The Krieg 22nd Armoured[1b] (or 22nd Krieg Armoured[1a]) are an Armoured Regiment from the Imperial world of Krieg.[1a][1b]

Known Actions


As is common practice in many armoured regiments, each tank of the Krieg 22nd Armoured bears a three-digit number on the side of its turret - from left to right, these denote the company, squadron and vehicle number (with a "0" as the second digit marking a vehicle as belonging to its company's command section).[1a] Artillery only display a vehicle number.[1b]


The Krieg 22nd Armoured possesses at least one Tank Company[1a], along with at least one artillery battery.[1b]


The Krieg 22nd Armoured's first company is composed of ten Leman Russ Battle Tanks - three squadrons of three tanks each, plus one additional tank for the company commander.[1a]

The regiment also contains at least one artillery battery, featuring at least two vehicles (of which the second is a Manticore).[1b]

Known Members

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