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Krieger Thrax

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Krieger 'Krash' Thrax (sometimes spelt Kriegar[1a] or Crash[1b]) was a Chrono-gladiator and adversary of Kal Jerico.[2]


Krieger Thrax was originally the bodyguard of a tech-smuggler, caught by a Skitarii patrol on Gryphonne IV and sentenced to become a Chrono-gladiator. After his initial discomfort he soon settled into his new role, managing to beat the self-destruct clock every time.[1b]

He was obtained by Madame Inquisitor Jena Orechiel after much difficulty and expense, who instructed him to kill her son Kal Jerico to put his abilities fully to the test. Thrax smashed his way through the wall of Sump Hole, the bar where Kal and Scabbs were at the time, and shouted his intention to kill him. Kal and Scabbs quickly left and ran away from him as fast as they could. Thrax chased after them, followed by servo-skulls broadcasting a live feed of the action back to the Inquisitor and her unconvinced companion, Vanyan Kloss. Scabbs split up from Kal as he shot at the Chrono-gladiator, trying to keep the distance between them; then he turned and ran towards a nearby energy conduit. As Kal reached the edge of the pit surrounding the conduit, with Thrax close behind him, he dove across the gap and caught hold of a ladder rung a little way down the conduit. Thrax went after him, cutting into the power conduit oblivious to the danger, only to be blasted by the super heated geo-thermal energy pumped up from Necromunda's molten core and plummet in flames down the conduit's pit, while Kal was sheltered by the torn metal of the conduit's cover.[3]

It is possible that he either made his way to Necromunda before being obtained by Inquisitor Orechiel or survived the shock, subsequent burning fall, and impending death-clock, as he is known as one of Kal Jerico's long-time enemies[2] and they were seen dueling by the giant gears of a factory hab.[1c]

Weapons & Equipment

Equipped by the Adeptus Mechanicus, Krash was fitted with two power claws, a stubber implanted in his left arm and a hand flamer implanted in his right, though neither weapon had a reload.[1b]

In addition, Thrax was fitted with a rebreather and his right leg was bionic.[1b]