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Kritsyarrk Station

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Kritsyarrk Station is a Xenos and Chaos Space Marine occupied Space Station in the Halo Stars' Obdurum Nebula, which looks like a skeletal claw of black metal.[1]


This is, however, a Low Gothic bastardization of the name-sound applied to it by the Sheed Xenos species, who claim to have built the Station. It is not known if this is true, but the Sheed were already on Kritsyarrk, when othergroups began arriving there. It currently holds a dozen Chaos Space Marine Warbands, along with the exiled Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marine Apothecary Bredek. Numerous Drukhari factions have embassies in veiled, difficult-to-access segments of the Kritsyarrk, who trade in narcotics and slaves. The Station is even home to a Slaugth colony, somewhere deep in its cogitation sublevels, and occasionally one of the maggot-men can be found preaching on Kritsyarrk's lower concourse. Despite being home to so many different factions, however, violence only breaks out sporadically between them. This is because each group knows, that no one currently has enough strength to forcibly claim the Station for themselves, should an all-out war break out.[1]