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Krooldakka was an Ork Speedboss who led his hordes in an invasion of the Imperium world Vigilus shortly after the Great Rift's creation.[1]

Known as the Speedlord Supreme, Krooldakka was the overall commander of the massive Waaagh assailing Vigilus. His base of operations on the planet was Fort Dakka, formed from the crash remains of his warships. He was said to have a long memory of those who wrong him, an itchy trigger finger, and a ten-foot long Chainaxe always hungry for tough greenskin skin.[2]

During the War of Nightmares phase of the conflict, Krooldakka was killed by the bombardment of cyclonic torpedoes that obliterated Silo XV of Thunder Sump on Megaborealis continent.[3]

In battle, Krooldakka rode in the monstrous Battlewagon Planet Grinda.[2]