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Kroot Armoury

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The Kroot Armoury is made up of Kroot weapons, weapons taken from many other armies along with myriad totems and banners and other primitive items.[Needs Citation]


Name Type Notes
Close Combat Weapon[Needs Citation]
Bolt Pistol[Needs Citation]
Slugga[Needs Citation]
Splinter Pistol[Needs Citation]
Power Weapon[Needs Citation]
Bolter[Needs Citation]
Splinter Rifle[Needs Citation]
Shoota[Needs Citation]
Meltagun[Needs Citation]
Plasma Gun[Needs Citation]
Flamer[Needs Citation]
Storm Bolter[Needs Citation]
Eviscerator[Needs Citation]
Pulse Pistol[Needs Citation]
Pulse Rifle[Needs Citation]
Pulse Carbine[Needs Citation]
Kroot Rifle[Needs Citation]
Kroot Hunting Rifle[Needs Citation]
Kroot Gun[Needs Citation]
Krootbow[Needs Citation]
Kroot Bolt Thrower[Needs Citation]
Melta Bombs[Needs Citation]
Krak Grenades[Needs Citation]
Frag Grenades[Needs Citation]

Beasts of War

Beasts of War
Name Image Notes
Kroot Hound[Needs Citation]
Kroothound DWMX.jpg
Krootox[Needs Citation]
Krootox DWMX.jpg
Knarloc[Needs Citation]
Great Knarloc[Needs Citation]
Great Knarloc DWMX.jpg


Name Type Notes
Auspex[Needs Citation]
Kroothawk Totem[Needs Citation]
Veneration Charm[Needs Citation]
Mark of the Favoured Child[Needs Citation]
Surefoot Charm[Needs Citation]
Blood of the Stalker[Needs Citation]


Name Image Notes
Warsphere[Needs Citation]

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