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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Kroot vessel; for the Short Story, see Warsphere (Short Story).

The Warsphere is the last vestige of the power and advancement of the Kroot prior to their move-away from technology.[1] Each Warsphere resembles two ringed citydomes cut from a planet's surface and welded on either side of a massive spindle.[2]

Warspheres are effectively flying towns comprising a central section primarily housing the main warp engine and outer sections with maneuvering thrusters. While the engines are reliable, they are also of quite poor power output making Warspheres extremely slow, however they are sufficiently powerful to enable planetary landings. Once on the surface the thrusters are often used to bury the Warsphere, presumably to enable it to revert to its role as a traditional town. Warspheres are fairly rare and so will only be deployed in situations where the Kroot are getting a substantial payment or bonus.[1]

When traveling the Kroot have no difficulty using warp-drives unlike the Tau, though how they do this is unknown to the Tau. They appear to have a natural affinity for navigating towards inhabitable planets, almost like a sixth sense.[1]

Known Warspheres


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