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A Kroot riding a Krootox[1]

A Krootox is a large beast used in Tau or Kroot mercenary forces.[1]


Krootox are a dead-end evolutionary path from Kroot who consumed the flesh of especially muscular and barbaric beasts, losing their intelligence. The result is a hugely muscled, oversized variant of Kroot physiology, its mind capable of little more than unreasoning brutality[1] - though they are not normally aggressive by nature.[3] If not for the Kroot using them as beasts of war, the Krootox might have died out generations ago, but instead, they are a common sight all over the Tau Empire and beyond.[1] They are treated as valued partners, and the Krootox are covered in ornaments, fetishes, and bangles by the Kroot to show off their status.[3]

Krootox Herd

Kroot Herders saddle the Krootox and mount on their backs a Kroot gun - an overlarge version of the Kroot rifle - which is crewed by a single Kroot rider. They are large and solid enough to provide a stable and mobile firing platform for the weapon, while at the same time serving as powerful assault troops in close combat, and while relatively placid under the control of a Kroot, the Krootox becomes enraged by the presence of an enemy and their huge powerful arms and fists are capable of caving in vehicle hulls and power armour with equal ease.[1]

Krootox Rampagers

Krootox Rampager[3]

While Krootox are not normally aggressive, their juveniles are more hot-tempered, and particularly wild riders can rouse them to battle. When they are herded into thundering packs, known as Krootox Rampagers, these juveniles' raw strength is used to carry out sudden ambushes and devastating charges. All the while the Rampagers' riders will hurl javelins and swing wicked hunting blades at their foes. When they are part of wider Kroot Hunting Packs, the Rampagers serve as linebreakers and skirmish cavalry, that range ahead of their kin.[3]