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Krusha Kannon

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Krusha Kannon[2]

The Krusha Kannon is a type of Ork artillery weapon.[1]

The Krusha Kannon is a main weapon of a Kill Krusha, a turret-mounted, heavy-bore, high velocity gun capable of firing a variety of different shells. This powerful gun quickly gained a well-deserved reputation among the Orks' enemies. It is believed to have been invented by the infamous Murda-Meks of Tigrus in late M40. While its grot-served auto-loader gubbinz are a miracle of Ork design, they don't always work as intended. Sometimes grots may get caught in the gears of elastic breaks or fit the shell backwards, resulting in a catastrophic explosion. The Krusha Kannon has the following assortment of ammunition types:[1]

  • Boom Shell - standard explosive round, favoured by the Grots firing the cannon due to the big boom it makes on impact
  • Tankhamma Shell – armour-piercing shell used to blast enemy vehicles apart
  • Scrap Kanister – shrapnel-filled charges able to rip through swathes of enemy infantry
  • Blast Burna - incendiary ammunition, which can drench fortifications with burning chemicals to roast alive anyone caught inside


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