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Kubik was Fabricator-General of the Adeptus Mechanicus in mid-M32 during the War of the Beast. The most heavily cybernetically augmented member of the High Lords of Terra, Kubik was an ally of Lord High Admiral Lansung.[1]


During the war, Kubik withheld much information from the greater Imperium on the Greenskins, seemingly knowing about The Beast in advance. In addition, he seems to be secretly building a device involving Ork technology and the Noctis Labyrinth. The Vanus Temple speculates he may be trying to teleport Mars itself and abandon Terra to the Greenskins.[2] Vanus Temple operative Clementina Yendl later discovered that Kubik was maintaining a secret research facility which collected the bodies of tens of thousands of Orks for unknown reasons[3], though it is speculated that they seek to replicate Ork teleportation technology.[4]

Later during the bloody standoff between the Fists Exemplar and Mechanicum on Mars over custody of Eldon Urquidex, Kubik desperately sought to avoid total war. Moved by the words of Lord Commander of the Imperium Koorland for unity and pushed into a corner of civil war or victory against the Greenskins, Kubik backed down. He agreed to share his teleportation technology with the rest of the High Lords, revealing that the Mechanicum had teleported Phobos from one side of Mars' orbit to the other.[5]

When Koorland executed the insane Ecclesiarch Mesring and announced his plan to revoke the Ecclesiarchy's privileges, Kubik was one of the few High Lords to show support.[6] Kubik next joined a coalition alongside Maximus Thane and Drakan Vangorich to organize a third campaign on Ullanor, using his Mechanicum to redirect asteroids into the Ork capital.[7]

After the war, Kubik supported the movement by Wienand and Vangorich to appoint Maximus Thane as the new Lord Commander of the Imperium. He was ordered by Thane to enact Exterminatus on Ullanor and erase it from existence to prevent a new Beast from ever arising. However Kubik still coveted the Greenskin technologies, and instead used his reverse-engineered Ork teleportation technology to move Ullanor to another location in Segmentum Solar. When Vangorich found out about this treachery, it was the last straw that drove him to murder the High Lords in The Beheading.

During Vangorich's coup, Kubik's bodyguards were annihilated by an Eversor Assassin and he was forced to take shelter in the diagnostiad. There, he was confronted by Vangorich himself who gave the Fabricator-General two options. Either die by his hand and have a crippling virus uploaded to the Noosphere that would devastate the collective knowledge of the Mechanicum, or voluntarily shut himself down and give Vangorich his intelligence core. Faced with inevitable death, Kubik chose to kill himself and preserve the Mechanicum's knowledge. Before shutting down, he defiantly proclaimed that Vangorich was doomed to fail. In the aftermath of his death, his intelligence core was replaced by Eldon Urquidex who took on the Fabricator-General's identity.[8]