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Kubrik Chenkov

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Chenkov leading from the front.[1b]

Commander Kubrik Chenkov is the Commander of the Valhallan 18th "Tundra Wolves" regiment.


Kubrik Chenkov is a stubborn man who refuses to admit defeat or acknowledge surrender and who like all Valhallans, is dour and obstinate, but is unmatched in his brutality, ruthlessness or mercilessness. He leads the Tundra Wolves from the front, shrugging off the safety of a command bunker to keep watch over his men and to invoke his own brand of motivation.[1b]

His men grudgingly obey his orders, for they know that to refuse means they will meet his exacting bolt pistol, which has been rumoured to kill more cowards than enemies. Such is the rate of attrition in the regiment that it has been refounded more then a dozen times in recent decades and each time Chenkov and those lucky few survivors begin anew, leading the new unfortunates.[1b]

Chenkov does not bother with grand strategies and tactics to win wars, instead throwing the legions of troops he has at his disposal into the meat grinder to accomplish his goals through numbers. One common tactic is, once an enemy leader has been found, to pen them in with his own men, bring his artillery into position and level the entire area. He has also been known to march men over minefields to clear them ready for Leman Russ Battle Tanks, as evidenced during the second war for the Trenk Ravine.[1b]

Though simple, Chenkov's tactics are undoubtedly effective. Chenkov ended the year-long Siege of Kotrax by storming an enemy citadel without any siege or artillery support. The action cost ten million Guardsmen their lives but Chenkov was awarded the Merit of the High Lords for his achievements in liberating Kotrax in such a short span of time. In another theatre, Emrah, he used platoons of men to draw enemy fire so that demolitions crews could breach the fortress undetected.[1] Chenkov also drove a million guardsmen, including the Valhallan 18th, into defeating the vanguard of Hive Fleet Jormungandr at Goyan Valley.[1a]