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Kurtha Sedd

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Kurtha Sedd[3]

Kurtha Sedd was a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers during the Horus Heresy.[1]


A veteran Chaplain of the Third Hand Chapter, Kurtha fought at the forefront of the Great Crusade. He became known for his boundless drive, faith, and heroism. During his Legion's worship of the Emperor, he was told by Lorgar himself that the Master of Mankind was watching and taking notice of him. He later fought alongside the Ultramarines against Orks in Ultima Segmentum, gaining the friendship of Captain Steloc Aethon of the 19th Company.[1]

However, after his Legion's censure at Monarchia, Kurtha Sedd's sanity began to slip. Shortly after this, his despair and rage drove him to massacre a group of pilgrims within a prayer hall. Remembering Lorgar's words, Kurtha became panicked that the Emperor had witnessed his shame and became certain that retribution would come. However, retribution never came and his Legion's officers covered up the incident. Having come to realize that the Emperor was not an omnipresent, divine being, Kurtha renounced his faith. He pledged to undo the works of the False-Emperor just as his Legion itself fell into the corruption of Chaos. His fanaticism led him to be selected by Kor Phaeron to lead a portion of the Word Bearers contingent against the Ultramarines in the Battle of Calth. Upon hearing that he would see his old friend Aethon again, this time as an enemy, Kurtha felt a twinge of regret but this was nothing compared to his burning hatred.[Needs Citation]

Sedd commanded a warband of the Unburdened that overran an underground Ultramarines stronghold commanded by Captain Vultius, after tracking Sergeant Aeonid Thiel from the surface. Occupying the base, he began reshaping it as a space to conduct a ritual for summoning a daemon that would inhabit his body. However, at the moment of his planned "ascension," Thiel returned in disguise and managed to free Captain Vultius, and together they killed the Dark Apostle.[2]