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"Kyerzak" is an Eldar term of address which translates as "honoured one" or "one who is to be honoured."[1a]

According to the works of Lasko Pyre, the Dark Eldar have corrupted the use of the word to refer to victims of their torturing arts, since the Dark Eldar believe it a sublime honour to be subjected to these arts[1a].

Kasimir De Valtos, the head of an industrial cartel on Pavonis, was kidnapped and tortured by Dark Eldar pirates during a trip off-planet. He later allied with these same Eldar to find and unearth the Night Bringer, entombed somewhere on Pavonis. Because of his past experiences, De Valtos was at first not suspected of being in league with the Eldar, but Archon Kesharq, while battling Uriel Ventris aboard the Dark Eldar ship Stormrider, used the word in reference to an ally or accomplice[1b]. Administratum Adept Lortuen Perjed recognized the word, making the connection with De Valtos[1a].