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Kynbaex Genocides

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The Kynbaex Genocides took place in 709.M41.[1]

The war began when the Chaos Space Marines Adharon's Reavers instigated a series of uprisings across a dozen worlds of the Kynbaex Nebula in an effort to topple the already unstable and overstretched Imperial authorities in the area. Unknown to Adharon, however, the celebrated Rogue Trader Joff Zuckerman and his arch-militant and later Inquisitor Thor Malkin are present in the region on trade business. Zuckerman responds by ordering an immediate and bloody reprisal, crushing the uprisings with his own personal fleet and ground forces led by Malkin. Adharon's Reavers are believed to have fled the region rather than face such a massive reprisal and do not appear again until their involvement in the Siege of Vraks over a century later.[1]