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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Kyren Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[1b]
Sector: Maelstrom[1b]
Population: 0[1e]
Affiliation: None, formerly Chaos (Tzeentch)[1b]
Class: Dead World[1e], former Daemon World[1c], former Feral World[1c]
Tithe Grade: N/A[1b]

Kyren was a Daemon World that was made entirely of crystals[1c] and it resided within the Maelstrom Warpstorm.[1b]


This page contains spoilers for: Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom (Novel)

Tzeentch held the world in his grip[1b] and despite its unnatural makeup, Kyren was home to Mutant tribes[1c] that both worshiped and coveted the Ebon Talon. They constantly fought each other around the mountain that held the powerful Chaos relic[1b], and sought to reach the cave it rested in. But any who tried to claim it, were killed by the heavily mutated and corrupted guardians that protected the Talon.[1d]

However, despite the Ebon Talon's power and the constant warfare to claim it[1b], the relic seemed to be unheard of outside of Kyren. This changed in early M42, when the Lord of Change Kairos Fateweaver informed the high ranking Red Corsair Verngar of its location and power. Verngar in turn informed his Warband's commander, Huron Blackheart, of this in hopes being allowed to claim the relic. Blackheart, however, suspected Verngar wanted the Ebon Talon's power to better his chances of taking over the Red Corsairs for himself. In the end, while Blackheart agreed to Verngar's request, he would go to Kyren as well[1a]. When the Warband's fleet arrived, it first launched a bombardment that created a vast pit around the relic's mountain and prevented the tribes from receiving any reinforcements[1b]. The Red Corsairs and their mortal forces then landed and began to battle the tribesmen, still near the mountain[1c]. The bombardment, however, had caused crystalized dust to flow through the air as they fought. While the Red Corsairs were unaffected by the dust, their mortal forces became mutated and turned upon their masters. This led Warband to fight not only the tribesmen, but their former servants as well As this occurred, Blackheart and Verngar both led small groups up the mountain to reach Ebon Talon's cave. They reached it at the same time and then worked together to kill the relic's guardians. But it would be Verngar who claimed the Ebon Talon and then made his escape. However the relic is what made Kyren's existence possible at all. Without it resting within the cave, the world began to come apart[1d] and the Red Corsairs escaped before Kyren exploded.[1e]

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