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Kyrolius was a Stormhawk Interceptor ace and Squadron Leader in the Raven Guard Chapter who served in Captain Solaro An's Second Company.[1]

When the Raven Guard received word that the Imperium world Fal Primus was invaded by the Orks of Waaagh! Gutslusher, the Company came to its defense and Kyrolius led his Interceptor squadron against the ferocious greenskins. However, Kyrolius's squadron was later wiped out during the battle and as the Squadron Leader retreated back to his Company's front lines, he was ambushed by the Wazbom Blastajet of Mekboy Badlug. Despite being caught by surprise, Kyrolius was able to soon use his superb skills to turn the aerial duel against the Mekboy and sent the damaged Blastajet hurtling towards the ground. Before he crashed, however, Badlug was able to aim the Blastajet at Captain Solaro's command squad and the resulting explosion injured the Captain and turned the tide of the battle against the Raven Guard.[1]