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Lan'edin is an Eldar Craftworld.

Eldar Portal
Craftworld Lan'edin
Meaning: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Main Colours: Silver/white
Favoured Unit: Unknown
Speciality: Unknown
Reputation: Unknown
Main Enemy: Unknown

The Craftworld believes that the best way to protect their people from the all-consuming darkness, is to become the embodiment of light. In order to make this a reality, the warriors of Lan'edin's wraithbone armour is laced with innumerable crystalline particles, that makes it appear like highly polished steel. This causes their armour to absorb and refract the light that surrounds it, so that when the Craftworld strikes down their foes from the skies, they appear to be a blinding rainbow of vengeance.[1]


Craftworld Lan'edin was created by David, a member of Games Workshop's Warhammer Community website team.[1]