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Land Raider Proteus

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Land Raider variant. For other uses of Proteus, see Proteus (disambiguation).
Land Raider Proteus[4]

The Land Raider Proteus is an old and rare variant of Land Raider.


The Proteus was first forged sometime during the Dark Age of Technology or before, but rediscovered during the Great Crusade. It contains extraordinarily powerful augury systems, allowing it to scan battlefield conditions with extreme precision. Due to this improvement, it has been thought that this tank is the origin of all modern Land Raider designs, intended to explore and conquer new worlds. Its sensor systems make it useful as both a command tank and the leader of an armored spearhead; however, due to the fact that it lacks a forward assault ramp and has a lower troop capacity, as well as being harder to reproduce, makes it a rare sight in the 41st Millennium. Despite this, it is still valued as a rare war relic by the Space Marine Chapters lucky enough to own them. [1]

Chaos Land Raider Proteus

During the Horus Heresy, some Traitor Legions managed to acquire some Proteus variants and take them with them into the Eye of Terror, where the Dark Mechanicus attempts to keep them battleworthy. Much of the time, the Dark Mechanicus replaces any failing components with devices of Chaotic origin.[1]

Weapons and Armament

The Land Raider Proteus is armed with two sponson-mounted twin-linked lascannons, in addition to its auguries and cogitators. They also contain a Machine Spirit (or in the case of Chaos variants, an Infernal Device), and can be upgraded with hull-mounted Heavy Bolters or Heavy Flamers, Ceramite armour to lessen the damage of Melta weapons, a Hunter-Killer missile (or Havoc launcher with Chaotic variants), pintle mounted weapons, Extra Armour, and a Dozer Blade.[1]

Some Land Raider Proteuses were also equipped with an Explorator Augury Web.[2]

A Land Raider Proteus.[1]

Technical Information

Vehicle Name: Land Raider Proteus[3b] Main Armament: 2x Twin-linked Lascannons
Forge World of Origin: Anvilus IX Secondary Armament: 2x Twin-linked Heavy Bolter
Known Patterns: I-X Traverse: 180°
Crew: Driver, Commander Elevation: From -32° to +42°
Powerplant: Open-core Plasma ioniser Main Ammunition: Unlimited cell power feed
Weight: 71 tonnes Secondary Ammunition: 800 rounds
Length: 8.5m Armour
Width: 5.2m
Height: 4.8m Superstructure: 93mm
Ground Clearance: 0.85m Hull: 95mm
Max Speed - on road 44kph Gun Mantlet N/A
Max Speed - off road: ??? Vehicle Designation: 0120-766-0724-PR 142
Transport Capacity: 10 (5) Firing Ports: N/A
Access Points: N/A Turret: N/A

Named Land Raider Proteuses