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Land Shark

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Land sharks are native to the death world of Miral.[1] They are carnivorous jungle-dwelling creatures capable of tearing human-sized prey to pieces in seconds[1], or even killing a Space Marine.[2]

A land shark can grow to eight metres in length. Its body is covered in fin-like appendages and it possesses prehensile flippers that the creature uses to propel itself through loose soil and undergrowth. At one end of the land shark is a bullet-shaped snout filled with rows of teeth, able to slice through even ceramite. It has no visible eyes, and it attacks silently.[2]

Colonel Straken was famously attacked by a land shark while tracking an Eldar patrol. It tore off his right arm (resulting in his famous bionic replacement and his moniker "Iron Hand") but he then claimed to have ripped the creature's throat out with his own teeth (though some more skeptical listeners thought it more likely that he was referring to his "fang" combat blade).[1]

Although native to Miral, there have been reports of land sharks on planets across the Ultima Segmentum.[2]

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