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Aim fer dat big buildin’ over der. No da uvver wun! NO DAT WUN! Zoggit, just land it ‘ere.

Kaptain Parrkurr of the Ork Landa ‘Funderbird Too’[Needs Citation]

Ork Landa[3]

Landa is a name for large transport aircraft Orks use to land troops and smaller vehicles from orbiting spacecraft to the surface and to quickly move them from one battlefield to another. Landas are a classic example of Ork design, being huge ungainly craft brutally efficient in their task. Ork Landas are slower and more ponderous than any Ork or Imperial Aircraft, but it would be a fatal mistake to consider one easy prey. While not nimble, Ork Landas are extremely tough and can ignore damage deadly to most aircraft. Landas are equipped with numerous gun turrets and rokkits that allow them to lay down an impressing rain of fire against enemy aircraft that gets close enough or to support disembarking troops once on the ground.[1]


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