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Landites, also known as Landists, are a sub-cult within the Adeptus Mechanicus who are disciples of the Techno-archaeologist Arkhan Land following his discovery of STC knowledge in the Librarius Omnis, which in turn led to the creation of the Land Raider vehicles. They are known to continue their founder's mission and research the many potential variants of Land's discovery which in turn led to the development of both the Prometheus and Helios patterns.[1]

Within the inner circle of the Landist cult, the most senior of Mechanicus artisans are rumoured to have evidence of a new vehicle but are keeping their discovery a secret. These rumours include that the cult's esoteric research produced an armoured vehicle during the Great Crusade that was heavier than a Predator but lighter than a Land Raider. These claims brought a dispute from others within the hierarchy of the Adeptus Mechanicus, which led to the Landites being declared techno-heretics in M39. This saw several of their members being arrested and condemned to Arco-flagellation for their crimes. Since that time, the surviving Landists have become very secretive about their work, though they have come to believe that the missing pattern for the mysterious vehicle is hidden on a microscopic level within the blueprints of the Land Raider. Many of the Landite disciples have become obsessed in this quest but so far, the missing pattern eludes them and remains an enigma to the Imperium at large.[1]