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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Landunder Landunder.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis Sector
Subsector: Malfian Subsector
System: Landunder System
Population: <1,000,000,000.
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Hive World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Landunder is an Imperial Hive World.


Though Landunder is classified as a Hive World, many Tech-Priests have treated Landunder as a Death World due to the world's caustic atmosphere and lack of natural lifeforms, even at the micro-level.[4]

People from Landunder call themselves Landrians and organize themselves into clans. Notably, Clan Render, nominally meat-mongers and tanners, have a sadistic and sinister reputation due to their links with murder-cults and criminal atrocities.[4]

By ancient accord, no citizen of Landunder is permitted to carry a firearm because of the danger they pose to the structure of the hive-cities. Over the generations, the use of blades has become universal and this world has birthed some of the greatest knife-fighters in Calixian history. Natives are able to identify guild, crew, gang, or hive affiliation based on which Landrian blade they wield.[4]

Landrian Gelt-brokers are known to wield a curious weapon called a "Sigilite knife" that is shaped like two intersecting crescents made of steel, primarily used for defense and counter-attack.[4]


Landunder was colonized during the Great Founding in 450.M39.[2]


True to its name, Landunder's geography is bizarrely inverted: the flat, limp, untrustworthy planetary crust floats freely on a deep, chemical ocean. There are eight hive-cities that cling to the underside of the crust, while a ninth, Hive Subrique, has upper spires that extend above the waterline and a down spire that reaches nearly to the bottom of the ocean.[2][3]


Each of the nine hive-cities is represented in a planetary ruling council with a Lord Executor representing the planet to the Imperium. Many in the Malfian Sub-Sector believe that Hive Subrique is the central hive and rules over the rest of the "minor" cities. This was once not far from the truth. In the time since the Margin Crusade's Great Tithing drained it of 80% of its inhabitants, Hive Subrique's political influence has waned drastically.[2]

After Cyber-mastiff production waned, the Adeptus Arbites under Lord Marshal Goreman executed the ruling council and Lord Executor. Judge Marshal Gravus took control of the Arbites on Landunder and now holds the world under martial law until order is restored in Hive Subrique.[2]


Both Malfi and The Lathes rely on many of the chemicals processed from the oceans of Landunder for their own manufacturing, which has made the hives of Landunder wealthy.[2] Ocean mining in the form of deep-sea mineral chimneys produce crystals for trade.[4] The Adeptus Arbites in the Calixis Sector rely heavily on the Cyber-mastiff and Grapplehawk production for their forces.[2]

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Contact with other worlds

Stable warp routes run from Landunder to Malfi and The Lathes.

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